martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Valentine's day Special Event

In the end I decided, here is my blog. I hope you will enjoy it, but I must warn you that I will blog only things that I like.

 For my first post I chose an event that promises to be full of success and love ...
The K.V. Dream Fashion Agency organized a special event in honor of all lovers:
“Valentine’s Day”, the event take place from the 1st to the 16th of February.

You will have the opportunity to buy some unique creations at an exclusive price of famous designers at the "Valentine's Day Shopping Way"...
Or you can play a hunt to find more exclusive creations for the event at the "Valentine's Day Hunt"...
Last but not least the "Valentine's Day Haute Couture" exclusive shop where you can buy clothes and accessories created exclusively for the KV dream by some of the best designers in Second Life, of course, all centered on the theme of love.

All this in the KV Dream Sim

To know more about it visit the KV Dream Fashion Agency web site,

I will post soon some of these exclusive creations

Don't miss it!!!!

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